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Learn the roadmap to compositing success in this follow-along project course for creative image making.

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Do you want to create images that inspire?

Do you want to learn how to create stunning images in Photoshop? My passion lies in using this powerful tool to create impactful images that tell a story and resonate emotionally. It's been a project I've been working on for two decades. And I'm still at it. But I've gotten it down well enough that I'm now teaching others. And with over 2 million views on my videos and hundreds of thousands of students, it's helped a lot of people just like you to bring their imagination to life. Check out my new Photoshop Masterclass.

Nucly Photoshop Masterclass

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Imagination, Unlocked

The beauty of learning Photoshop is that you will also learn about design, photography and even creativity itself! Join Rikard in step-by-step project courses where you get access to Photoshop textures, overlays and presets, along with lessons on the skills you need to use them. You can check out our catalogue of project-based courses here, or start with our FREE course—Photoshop Secrets.

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Start on Your Creative Journey

We've got hundreds of Photoshop tutorials for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. See some of our popular videos here. 


Yes, Photoshop CAN actually be fun

Photoshop's many tools and filters can be intimidating, but you only need to know a few for the majority of the creative things you'll want to do in it. And you don't need to know more than a couple to start having a lot of fun with your images. With the compositing toolkit, you'll get some fun tools plus step-by-step video lessons on how to get started. 

Compositing Toolkit

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