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There are numerous options for learning Photoshop, and many of them cover similar content. However, what distinguishes our course is our approach to teaching. We're designers first, instructors second. Rather than focusing on individual tools, we teach specific techniques and "recipes" that can be applied to a variety of projects.

Our training is geared towards fostering creativity rather than just providing technical instruction, and we have a wealth of experience in the field. We prioritize efficiency and getting straight to the point in our teachings, rather than simply seeking to entertain our students.

Meet Your Instructor

Rikard Rodin


Rikard is an experienced creative professional with a background in graphic design, web and interactive design, 3D modeling, and video and motion graphics. He has worked for clients such as SEGA, Virgin Unite, and Riot Games, and has created a wide range of design projects including book and album covers, posters, and full print advertising campaigns. His work has been translated into multiple languages and has been recognized with numerous design awards.

In addition to his professional experience, Rikard has also shared his knowledge and skills with others through his design blog and Photoshop tutorials. His articles have been featured in international magazines and he has even guest-lectured on color theory at Chapman University. Rikard has helped hundreds of thousands of designers and artists improve their skills through his paid training and free YouTube content.

On a more personal note, Rikard is a father of twin girls, loves photography and woodworking. And his training on Photoshop have helped hundreds of thousands become better at bringing their vision and imagination to life.

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