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Want To Create Beautiful Images that Inspire People?

If you want to create beautiful images that inspire people, without having to spend years learning Photoshop, the Nucly Academy 2.0 is for you

Anyone can create beautiful digital art.

It doesn't require spending years trying to learn every feature that exists in Photoshop. And even if you aren’t a professional designer, you can create beautiful images that inspire people.

There are simple design tricks even beginners can use to create amazing images and digital art with Photoshop.

Do you know that feeling when you scroll through your favorite creator’s Instagram feed and see all those inspiring images?

You can create beautiful images and inspiring digital art like this yourself, and make other people feel this way as well, even if you are a beginner.

The Nucly Academy 2.0 is designed to give you the skills to create beautiful images and digital art, using a few beginner-friendly strategies that anyone can implement, even if you’re not a professional designer.

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The Creative Learning Method

Are you an aspiring designer, photographer, or artist eager to master Photoshop and unleash your creative potential?

Get ready to challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding Photoshop learning methods and embark on a creative journey that will see you getting results in days or weeks rather than months and years. 

The Creative Photoshop Learning Method is my revolutionary approach  that prioritizes creativity over technicalities and teaches you CREATIVE RECIPES instead of drilling down on endless tools and settings.

Get creative results FAST and build on those wins to expand both your Photoshop and creative skill sets at the same time.

This method focuses on the 20% of Photoshop that will get you 90% of your results. And all of it is underpinned with the ARTISTIC FUNDAMENTALS that so many other training solutions skip over or don't teach at all.

Learning the Photoshop blending modes is meaningless UNLESS you also know how to use those blending modes to CREATE BETTER IMAGES.

At the heart of the Creative Photoshop Learning Method is the belief that creativity is a muscle that can be cultivated and which is made stronger by using it.  By focusing on creative techniques and design fundamentals, you'll discover that you can produce stunning digital art without the need to become a Photoshop wizard.

Say goodbye to the frustration of feeling overwhelmed by complex software and hello to a newfound sense of artistic freedom and creative inspiration.

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I have 15 years retouching experience & have learnt more in the past week from his courses than in those 15 years!
‚Äď SC
Rikard's tutorials will open up possibilities in your work that you have only dreamed of!
‚Äď AC

The projects are fun, creative, engaging, and the learning happens without you even noticing.‚Äď AJ

Your Creative PHD

The Nucly Photoshop Masterclass

Creating the image of your dreams doesn't have to be a challenging task. These project lessons are designed using the Creative Learning Method allowing you to rapidly build your creative and Photoshop skill set to create ANY kind of image you have in mind.

Throughout the process, you'll not only learn Photoshop, but also learn composition, color theory,  contrast, shapes, typography and much more.

With this Masterclass, you'll create 15+ stunning images, with each one building skills from the previous one. Progress from being a novice to a master in the art of retouching, compositing, and manipulation. 

Take a sneak peak inside...

Module 1:
An Introduction to Photoshop

Get ready to master the Photoshop workspace! We'll show you where to find all the tools, familiarize you with the menus, and introduce you to the almighty layers stack. Trust us, this is the foundation you need to build your Photoshop empire.

Module 2:
Creating a Light Portal

Ready to dive into some Photoshop action? In this section, we'll tackle our first composite project and cover all sorts of useful skills, like cropping, object selection, masks, the gradient editor, brushes, and layer styles. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Module 3:
Fashion Bee

Let's dive into our second composite project! In this lesson, we'll cover some advanced techniques for spot and dust removal, making realistic image blends, creating shadows, and using Camera RAW for post-processing.

Module 4:
Enlightened Animal

Let's dive into some photo manipulation fun! We'll combine the head of a meerkat with the body of a person and cover all sorts of cool techniques like overlays and grunge, the liquify tool, and color curves. Get ready to get creative!

Module 5:
Mood Cliffs

Let's dive into the world of brushes in Photoshop! We'll create our own brushes, load custom brushes, and use them to add details to our composite. We'll also learn how to color grade with a curves adjustment layer and the Export As workflow. Get ready to brush up on your skills!

Module 6:
Return of the Bee

In this lesson, we'll cover focus stacking, auto-blending layers, photomerge, and other handy tools for working with multiple images at the same time. We'll focus stack the bee, composite it into a new background, and use custom brushes to make it all look seamless. By the end, you'll be a pro at combining multiple images into one cohesive masterpiece.

Module 7:
Female Potion

In this lesson, we'll cover skin retouching, compositing workflows, putting objects behind glass, and creating image-based glows. We'll also learn how to age a photo with overlays and color. Get ready to up your retouching and compositing skills!

Module 8:

It's time to dive into the deep end of compositing workflow! In this lesson, we'll navigate the process from start to finish, experimenting with different approaches to create the desired effect and testing the waters to see which works best. By the end of it, you'll be a compositing pro who can swim with the best of them!

Module 9:
Painting in Photoshop

It's time to turn your photos into works of art with Photoshop! In this group of projects, we'll explore the various methods and filters for achieving this effect, including the filter gallery, the oil paint filter, the mix brush, the art history brush, and more. By the end of it, you'll be able to paint with the masters!

Module 10:
Swapping Heads & Faces

In these two projects, we'll look at ways of replacing heads in Photoshop. The first will cover puppet warp, color and style matching. The other will show how to use Auto-Blend in Photoshop to do a quick face replacement. By the end of it, you'll be a head replacement pro!

Module 11:
Floating Jedi

In¬†this project, we'll explore fantasy compositing, including how to create plasma, making someone float, adding depth and much more. We'll also¬†explore Actions‚ÄĒhow you can automate a set of steps in Photoshop to a single click.

Module 12:
UFO Arrival

Get ready for a close encounter of the Photoshop kind! In this project, you'll learn about the Vanishing Point effect and dive into typography, from loading fonts to creating your own Layer Style presets for titling. We'll also explore patterns in Photoshop and how to use them. It’s time to beam up your skills to the next level.

Module 13:
Portrait of a Lady

Get ready to strut your stuff with some high-end skin retouching skills! In this project, we'll cover everything you need to know about skin smoothing neural filters, high pass filters, frequency separation, and makeup transfer. We'll also delve into the different methods and use cases for each, so you understand when to use what. Become an icon of Photoshop skin retouching.

Module 14:
Gates of Eternity

Open the door to advanced image editing skills with this project! We'll replace in-image text, use flare overlays, master the patch tool, create atmospheric depth, and much more. We'll also learn how to color grade using gradient maps, giving your images a polished and professional finish. But that's just the beginning - we'll also delve into a variety of other techniques and strategies that will help you unlock your full potential and create truly breathtaking images. 

Module 15 & 16:

In these two projects, we'll delve into the depths of the liquify filter and explore all the tools available for distorting faces. We'll also learn how to recreate hair, add scares, blood, teeth, and other elements using the tools in Photoshop. By the end of it, you'll be a Shakespearean master of image manipulation, capable of creating some truly amusing (or horrifying) images that will make your friends and family say, 'To Photoshop or not to Photoshop, that is the question!'

Module 17:
Jasmine and Rajah

Get ready to rub the lamp and unleash the power of Photoshop in our final project! We'll use all the tools we've learned to create a composite with three different subjects, a newly created background, and foreground elements. We'll use Camera RAW, advanced masking, overlays, brushes, and much more. We'll also delve into the blur gallery and using channels to make selections. By the end of it, you'll be a genie of Photoshop, capable of granting wishes of stunning composites with the wave of a mouse.

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Creative Masterclasses

Each masterclass here is designed to build an essential creative and Photoshop skill set that will build on the fundamentals of the primary masterclass.


Brilliant! The courses are laid out brilliantly. Easy to navigate through and can jump back into for a quick refresher, at any stage of his videos. The quality of the end products gets you fired up to do another project. I would highly recommend him… Thank you!!”

— Craig B (TrustPilot)

Project Courses ‚Äď Creative Recipes

Our approach to creative learning is akin to learning how to cook. You won't improve your food by studying the user manual to your oven or learning all the different types of knives and their names. Instead, the BEST WAY to learn is through RECIPES. And these courses are your CREATIVE RECIPES. You can do these in any order and regardless of your existing skills. Within one or two hours, you will have created an AWESOME image and have the skills to create similar images of your own using the same toolset.

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The Live Learning Hub

The Nucly Academy 2.0 includes 6 Live Q&A sessions spread over 4 months, where you have full access to pick my brain

These sessions are the pulse of our journey together, designed to deepen your understanding of both Photoshop and design fundamentals. Across six dynamic sessions spread over four months, we embark on an immersive exploration of both foundational principles and the latest new features added to Photoshop. 

Here is your opportunity to get questions answered, refresh your memory on key concepts from our online classes, get direct feedback on your art, photos or designs and on your progress. These sessions are your passport to continuous growth. 

But it's not just about me talking at you‚ÄĒit's about us coming together as a community of passionate learners. Your questions are the heartbeat of these sessions, shaping our discussions and fostering an environment where curiosity thrives. Together, we'll unravel complexities, celebrate breakthroughs, and forge connections that extend far beyond the confines of our screens. Join me in these electrifying bi-weekly online meetups, where the world of Photoshop becomes not just a canvas, but a realm of infinite possibilities. (And for those of you on the other side of the world, each of these sessions are recorded and available for Academy members.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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An Exclusive Community

With the Academy comes access to your EXCLUSIVE Nucly Photoshop community for an entire year

Learning is a team activity. And our exclusive Nucly Photoshop community is where you can connect with your fellow photographers, designers and artists as we learn our trade.

Get your questions answered, get your work critiqued, share your progress, gain and give encouragement and join in our challenges to keep you creating.



Coaching & Live Demos

Live, online coaching with screen share means never getting stuck again. 

Regular Zoom Meetups

Join our regular zoom meetings and connect with other members.

Photoshop Challenges

Enter our challenges to push your creative boundaries and skills.

Connections & Collaborations

Promote yourself to other members. Make connections. Flourish. 

Q&A, Forums & Discussions

Get your questions answered, discuss features, share your work.

Nucly Academy Leaderboard

We've got a leaderboard! Earn points by connecting and engaging.


My Library of Tools

Curated and built over the last 20 years as a designer and creative director, this is my collection tools to enhance your images

Imagine you could…

  • Instantly give your images¬†DEPTH¬†using a foreground element overlay
  • Add realistic and organic¬†DETAIL¬†to your images with high quality Photoshop brushes
  • Create images that have¬†TEXTURE¬†using one of our signature texture overlays
  • Add cinematic¬†LIGHTING¬†to your images with flares, atmospheric lights and other overlays
  • Give your images and landscapes¬†DRAMATIC¬†skies using our sky replacement packs
  • Enhance your composites and graphics with¬†MOVIE TITLING¬†styles designed from blockbusters... with one click
  • Dramatically increase your¬†EFFICIENCY¬†with¬†Nucly's Photoshop workflow actions
  • Give your images an instant COLOR GRADE¬†with our Cinematic Adjustment Presets

All of these will be instantly available to you with our collection of textures, overlays, presets, brushes and tools‚ÄĒmore than 3,000 individual elements, all of them completely ROYALTY FREE for use in personal or commercial products.¬†

And for those of you entering photography and image competitions, not a single one of these was created using AI generators of any kinds.

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Foreground Elements
& Tools


Drag-and-drop solution for texture, detail and depth. Transform your images with these high-resolution overlays.

Foreground Elements

Create depth, enhance your subjects, and allow your viewers to enter your image with these foreground elements.

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Create character, add contrast offsetting your subject, and allow your viewers to view your composite with new eyes.

Presets & Tools

Elevate your workflow and save countless hours with these versatile Photoshop Power Tools!

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Photoshop Brushes

Custom designed brush presets (with accompanying overlays) for photographers, digital artists, and designers.

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Design Fundamental eBooks

Creating awe-inspiring photos and images has far more to do with design and art fundamentals that it does with Photoshop. And these ebooks give you real-world example of design basics. 

Color Harmony

Why Hulk Wears Purple Pants

Learn the different types of color harmony‚ÄĒfrom analogous, triadic and complementary, to split complementary and more. Includes MANY examples so that you can see the harmonies and how they play out in actual designs.

Mood Lines

Setting the Tone of Your Design

Did you know there are 48 different mood lines and each one conveys a different mood or feeling in your photograph, design or piece of art? In this ebook, you'll learn all of them AND see them in practice with real-world examples.

Color Associations

The Psychology of Color

Understanding the psychology of color allows you to choose the right color for your projects and designs. This guide includes all the common colors and what they convey, their symbolism and associations. 

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