Urban Backdrops

A set of 45 high resolution photographs taken in the Arts District of Los Angeles, designed for use as backdrops in portraits. Backdrops were selected based on an actual model photo shoot, with only the most versatile backdrops selected. These can also be used to add texture in composites through layer blending.







Every Backdrop is Model-Tested

To determine which backdrops would be best suited for this pack, I hired a professional model and took hundreds of photos against different backgrounds in the Arts District of Los Angeles. From these, I selected the backgrounds which created the best model portraits.


High-Resolution means you can crop... a lot

Each backdrop is 3500 pixels across. This means you can use them for a photo print 12" wide or a full-size poster with traditional printing. And it also means you can crop in and use SECTIONS of the backdrop separately.


BONUS: Inspiration

The backdrop pack includes 40 photos taken of a model against the backdrops. Get inspiration on how you can use these same backdrops in your own shoots and composites.

BUY THE PACK - $79.00

One Backdrop
Many Possibilities

By using cropping, scaling, free transform and blurring you can use a single backdrop in multiple images. Many of the backdrops have a varied color palette. By simply scaling and moving the background behind your image you can get many varied looks.


Every photo below uses the same backdrop as the one shown above. The difference is scale and blur.

We Tested Them Twice
No Joke

A set of backdrops is not much use if you can only use one or two of them. With this set, one of my key aims was to give a variety of backdrops that you can use for MANY portraits. So in addition to only using the backdrops that worked with a model at the location, I also took studio portraits of a different model and tested the backdrops myself.



Scale is important. Because of the high resolution of the backdrops, you can scale it up to best suit your image. Some of the images even include stairs or steps which you can recreate in studio for a great composite.


Don't underestimate the power of some blurring! When used in portraits, you can blur the background and subdue it with  hue and saturation. It gives some nice texture to the portrait! 

BUY THE PACK - $79.00


  • 45 JPEGs of urban backdrops
  • 40 inspiration photos of model against backdrops
  • Use in any image editing software
  • High Resolution (3500px) allows for scaling/blurrin

Price: $79.00


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