Compositing Toolkit

$2.99 $76

Jumpstart your Photoshop compositing using this huge collection of essential and powerful tools and training!


This toolbox is for you if...

You struggle to get your composites anywhere near the idea you had in your head.
You fail to create realistic images that have depth and dimension.
You enjoy Photoshop but you feel stuck with your learning and creativity.

Imagine you could…

  • Quickly and easily blend two images together in Photoshop!
  • Add texture to your images in seconds to add interest and drama to your images!
  • Bypass the learning curve of Photoshop and create images that you love!
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“For less than the price of a coffee, I’m offering you the perfect collection of tools and training to help you get over your Photoshop rut. Whether you are working too slowly, can’t “sell the fake” convincingly, or you are just overwhelmed by Photoshop right now, this tool kit is exactly what you are looking for!”

Rikard Rodin


10 foreground leaves and petal overlays with transparency


15 texture overlays to give your images texture and detail

Color Presets

6 color grading curve presets, 10 gradient map presets

Brush Presets

10 atmosphere brush presets (dust, smoke and bokeh)


3 Photoshop actions (sharpen, clarity and lightsaber glow)

Add Depth with Foreground Elements

I always see Photoshop users forgetting the foreground. These 10 foreground elements will allow you to create depth in your composites and improve your composites with a few clicks!

$19  Included

Create Drama with Overlays

15 high-resolution overlays that will allow you to add dust, light flares, light leaks and other dramatic and atmospheric effects that will really add character and drama to your images.

$19  Included

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Combine Elements with Photoshop Brushes

10 powerful Photoshop brushes that make adding smoke, bokeh, or a hint of dust to your scenes. This is the easiest way to really combine elements together in a believable way!

$19  Included

Game-Changing Photoshop Actions

Ever wondered how to create a glowing light saber look, or how to save time when trying to do boring tasks in Photoshop? My Photoshop actions will help you do these in seconds!

$19  Included

Transform colors with Single Click Gradient Maps

If you are using Photoshop and not using gradient maps, you are missing out on one of my favorite tools in Photoshop. My gradient map presets make transforming color and style as easy as a single click!

$9  Included

Control the Perfect Finish with Curve Presets

Color grading is a pain in the $^%!!! Not anymore. With my Curve Presets, you’ll have a selection of looks to choose from that will get you 90% of the way to a perfect finished image.

$19  Included


Jump-start Your Photoshop Learning 

Whether your brand-new to the magical world of Photo Composites or want to learn some advanced techniques for putting your toolkit to work, we've also included three step-by-step courses to put your new assets to work!

$44.97  Included

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Start Creating Stunning Images Today


“I’ve been doing my own version of compositing for a while, even before I knew it was a thing. But, to have the tools and the training makes it so much better in quality, realism, and enjoyment.”
— TT


“Wow, even a noob like me can finally create amazing composites without wanting to pull my hair out!! Thanks, Nucly!!!”
— BD


“At such a low price I honestly doubted the quality of what’s in this “tool kit”... But, if you are reading this, do not waste another second. The training is great and the tools are total game-changers!!!”
— RP

Compositing Toolkit

$2.99 $76

Jumpstart your Photoshop compositing using this huge collection of essential and powerful tools and training!


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