Elevate Your Photo Editing to Stunning Photo-Art Creations, Perfect for your Wall or Sharing.


This Fun, Comprehensive Course Will Ignite Your Creative Spark and Teach You the Techniques Experts Employ to Create Breathtaking Artwork

Let's Dive In!


Together we’ll make Spectacular, Unforgettable Images … Are You Ready?

Discover the excitement of photo editing; it's more than just tweaking images in Photoshop or Lightroom. Mere adjustments aren't enough. It's time to transform your pictures into something unique, something spectacular … true art. And now, you can.

Embark on a journey to Photoshop mastery, a journey that's more than just an education—it's a transformation. With the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, you'll dive into the professional secrets for creating awe-inspiring photo compositions.

I love creating in Photoshop. And with this course, you, too, will experience the magic of turning ordinary photos into captivating art. The techniques you'll learn, include over 15 comprehensive modules ranging from basic skills to advanced compositing and retouching, will revolutionize your photography and digital artistry. Through projects like 'Light Portal', 'Fashion Bee', and 'Underwater', you'll master more than just tools; you'll learn to craft stories.


Join me, and together let’s upgrade how you perceive and use Photoshop,so you too can transform each image into a masterpiece.

Within just the first hour of the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, you'll lay the groundwork for your Photoshop expertise. I'll guide you through mastering the Photoshop workspace, acquainting you with all the essential tools, menus, and the crucial layers stack. This is where your journey to becoming a Photoshop pro begins.

Start now, and in less than an hour, you'll already be crafting more complex, dynamic, and thrilling compositions than you ever imagined possible. Your approach to art is about to undergo a transformative shift.

This will change your art forever.

What are the Top Two Challenges for Photoshop Artists?

Struggling to create the extraordinary art you envision? I believe it's often due to two key issues, which we're going to address:

Learning the Oven instead of the Recipe

When it comes to learning Photoshop, many people take the “oven first” approach, trying to learn all the knobs and settings instead of learning how to cook a recipe. With this course, we take the “awesome dish first” approach, teaching recipes for retouching, compositing and image manipulation. Photoshop is simply the tool we’re using.


Ignoring the Pareto Principle

Wilfried Fritz Pareto was an Italian economist who first observed that 80% of results come from 20% of effort. And this is VERY true of Photoshop. You only need to know 20% of the program to get 80% of the results you want. And the Nucly Photoshop masterclasses focuses on the 20% you have to know. Within about 20 hours of training, you will have mastered everything you need to get MOST of the results you want.

Like many enthusiasts, you probably have a passion for photography, accumulating countless images and maybe you’ve even enjoyed editing them. You might be skilled at enhancing individual photos … but are you great at transforming these edited images into something profound, something captivating … something you would proudly print large and hang on the wall?? That’s where the real challenge lies… and where this course will help.

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Get the Masterclass and AI Course Bundle

So, How Do You Elevate Your Art? 

How do you rapidly acquire the skills to create truly exceptional photo art that goes beyond everyday imagery? How do you progress to crafting stunning pieces worthy of framing or canvas printing?

These are crucial questions, and in the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, you'll find not just answers, but a clear, enjoyable path to achieving these goals.

Facing the challenge of not having advanced Photoshop skills to craft elaborate, intricate artworks? Wondering how to evolve your art into something truly exceptional, something that deserves a prominent place on a wall or canvas? These are valid concerns.

The solution is simpler than you think:

Nucly Photoshop Masterclass: Transforming Photography into Art

Begin your journey today with our comprehensive online course. It's meticulously designed to teach you essential, professional-level Photoshop techniques. This course is your gateway to becoming a distinguished Photoshop artist, enabling you to create mesmerizing works far beyond your current achievements.

Your Photography is About to Ascend to Artistic Heights

Are you ready for this transformation?

Well, there’s a simple answer to both of them . . .

Embark on an immersive online Photoshop adventure with the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, accessible anytime and anywhere. You're not just learning to create layered Photoshop compositions; you're learning to express your unique artistic vision.

I'll share techniques that I've honed over years, empowering you to create images that resonate with your personal creative flair, not just replicating what I've done, but forging your own path in the world of photo art.

Are you ready to make art … your own, real art?!

Well … you're on the cusp of mastering the art of creating phenomenal photo compositions through the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, an online workshop that puts Photoshop and making art within reach. This course is designed to rapidly enhance your skills in crafting layered, vibrant Photoshop compositions that far exceed anything you’ve ever done.

You'll absorb techniques that took me years – sometimes decades, to develop. This will empower you to not only replicate the stunning examples I've provided but also to forge your unique artistic path, bringing your own visionary concepts to life.

$99 $278.99


Why Choose the Nucly Masterclass?

The Nucly Photoshop Masterclass stands apart for several reasons. Firstly, it's structured logically and intuitively, making Photoshop easy to learn step-by-step. This approach ensures that even beginners can confidently navigate the course.

Moreover, the course is designed to deliver quick successes. These early wins make the learning process enjoyable and motivating, encouraging continued engagement and exploration.

But it's not just about mastering Photoshop's tools. The Nucly Masterclass delves deeper, teaching vital concepts like color theory, design principles, and the use of atmosphere in your creations. This holistic approach equips you with a comprehensive skill set, transforming you into a versatile artist.


In essence, the Nucly Masterclass is more than just a course; it's a journey into the heart of creative expression, empowering you to realize your full artistic potential.

With The Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, we also embrace the philosophy that not every creation needs to conform to the same rules, nor does it need to be done the same way. You’re an artist, ready to break free! So this course will encourage you to take what we do as a starting point, and use it to explore a broader spectrum of artistic expression.

The Nucly Photoshop Masterclass isn't confined to rigid techniques; it's an invitation to experiment, to get your hands dirty, and to view the world through a lens of boundless creativity. 

By stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging your usual approaches, you'll discover a wealth of new techniques and perspectives. This journey is about elevating your standards, pushing the boundaries of what you thought possible, and ultimately, evolving into the artist you have the potential to be.

$99 $278.99

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Here's What the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass Offers You...

Let's dive into the details. 

What you're getting is a comprehensive online Photoshop Masterclass, granting you instant, lifelong 24/7 access to our exclusive training platform. This course encompasses numerous modules, featuring over seventy-five detailed training videos. Each module is packed with project ideas that spark your creativity, guiding you to craft your own photo art.

We’ve even updated the course to cover the new AI tools, and will make regularly updates!

Each module includes valuable creative downloads, making it easier to create remarkable art. You'll also learn how to see things differently – so you’ll know what to do in another image. By the end of this course, you'll have images for a strong portfolio, one that brims with impressive images that showcase your newfound professional expertise. 

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?


The journey begins with 78 meticulously crafted training videos, all neatly organized into distinct modules. I spent months making this course – practicing every lesson numerous times before recording it for you.

Each module focuses on specific skills and techniques, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

You'll have lifetime access to these videos, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit the content as needed.

To enhance your learning, I'll highlight essential Photoshop shortcuts on-screen during the lessons. This approach is designed to ingrain the most efficient techniques into your muscle memory, enabling you to rapidly experiment and create stunning works, while becoming proficient enough to let the interface fade into the background of your creative process.

Each lesson is accompanied by exceptional downloads, which our current students love. These resources will solidify your command of Photoshop and serve as a source of inspiration and guidance.

By the end of this course, you’ll be so good at Photoshop, it’ll be like you and I worked together for years. (That’s how long it would take me to convey all this information to my interns.) You’ll feel like the tools in Photoshop are second nature, so you can focus on creating art, not looking for which tool to use.

In essence… I want you to wield the tools in Photoshop the way that Michelangelo wielded a chisel and hammer as he made his incredible sculptures  — sometimes precise, sometimes smooth, always expressive, and in every instance… like a MASTER. Like the true artist that is inside of you.

The videos in the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass are designed to elevate your skills to the level of a seasoned Photoshop expert, the kind you'd find in top studios.

[A Crucial Note: This course works with many versions of Photoshop, and the concepts – although it may be more difficult, can even be applied to other apps such as Canva or Affinity or GIMP. You don’t have to have the newest version to be a great artist – it’s artistic training, and so it works with any FULL version (sorry, online and phone just isn’t powerful enough yet for the art that YOU are going to create) … going all the way back to CS 5.5. You will be the artist – NOT AN AI – you will create the artwork, your way, from your creativity. That said, we also teach you how to supercharge your art with the latest AI techniques, if you’re on the newer versions of the full Photoshop app.]


After Your Masterclass? Becoming Your Own Artistic Genius.

After completing the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, the journey into becoming an artistic genius doesn't end; it evolves into a more expansive exploration of creativity and skill-building with the Nucly Photoshop Academy. This comprehensive platform offers an engaging, collaborative environment for continuous learning and creative growth. 

Pro tip: You can join the Academy, get the Masterclass for FREE included, and have both!!!!!

The Nucly Photoshop Academy Experience

  • Extensive Learning Resources: Gain access to over 260 video lessons, including the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass (!), which is continually updated with new features from Adobe​​. The Academy offers a blend of foundational courses and specialized masterclasses in Color Grading, Creating Atmosphere, and Basics for Photographers, along with an extensive library of "paint along" courses​​.
  • Community and Collaboration: The Academy fosters a vibrant community of creative minds. Engage in art challenges, participate in Q&A forums, join online meetups for live demos and discussions, and connect with other members to promote and collaborate on creative projects​​​​.
  • Future-Proof Learning: With a focus on staying current with technological advancements, including AI and Generative Fill, the Academy ensures your skills remain relevant and cutting-edge​​.
  • Comprehensive Asset Library: Access an extensive collection of assets, including overlay packs, texture packs, preset packs, background and sky packs, and Photoshop brush presets, enriching your creative toolkit​​.
  • Ongoing Support and Coaching: Benefit from regular Zoom meetups, coaching sessions, and the opportunity to engage with me, Rikard, directly, ensuring you never feel stuck or alone in your learning journey​​​​.
  • Recognition and Motivation: The Academy features a leaderboard to encourage engagement and celebrate your progress and contributions within the community​​.

Joining the Nucly Photoshop Academy – either before OR after grabbing the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass – not only consolidates your learning but also opens doors to an ongoing, dynamic process of artistic development and community engagement. 

The Academy is designed to nurture your unique artistic voice, helping you transform from a student to a creative professional, confidently wielding Photoshop as an artist wields a brush.

Embarking on the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass means diving into an educational experience that's both comprehensive and exhilarating. The course is meticulously crafted to cover a wide range of techniques and concepts, ensuring a deep understanding of Photoshop and its creative possibilities. 

Join the Nucly Photoshop Academy


Brilliant! The courses are laid out brilliantly. Easy to navigate through and can jump back into for a quick refresher, at any stage of his videos. The quality of the end products gets you fired up to do another project. I would highly recommend him… Thank you!!”

— Craig B (TrustPilot)
Create Magic with the Art of Retouching, Manipulation and Compositing in Photoshop

What You'll Master in the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass

Make the Photoshop Workspace for You!

Learn how to customize the Photoshop workspace, the most important keyboard shortcuts (and how to make your own), navigating the canvas and more. By the end of the course, you won't just know your way around—you'll know the industry tricks to 5x your speed.

Selections, Selections, Selections

Most tasks in Photoshop begin with a selection and this course, you'll learn EVERY method of selection in Photoshop, how to use each one and WHEN you should use which for the best results. 

High Fashion Retouching

Smooth photographic gradients, realistic shadows, smooth skin, glowing colors, spotless surfaces—these are the qualities of high fashion photography retouching that you'll learn in this course.

Liquify, Distort and Stupefy

The magic of Photoshop is that you can make the impossible seem possible. I refer to this as "selling the illusion" and in this course I will teach you all the tricks of the trade to sell the illusion using Photoshop.

Creating Hollywood Atmosphere

Rembrandt said "Without atmosphere a painting is nothing." In this course, you'll see how you can use atmosphere in Photoshop to separate your subjects from the background, create drama and even make your elements belong together.

Photoshop Pro Photography Tools

Whether you do stacked macro photography, landscape, product or portrait photography, this tool will show you the full workflow to get the photos from your camera, through Camera RAW and into Photoshop. 

The Basics of Artistic Composition

There's a whole lot more to compositing than selections and blending modes. There are also the artistic concepts of scale, contrast, mood lines, composition, atmosphere, foregrounds and more. We cover it all!

Using the Photos YOU ALREADY HAVE

If your only camera is your iPhone or a GoPro, you can still create awesome artistic composites in Photoshop. In this course we use both to create magazine-worthy composites.

Turn Any Photo into a Painting—of Any Style

Master brushes and painting in Photoshop. You'll learn how to create oil, acrylic or watercolor paintings from a photo. And you'll have FULL control how hand painted or "photoshop filter" painted you want your final image to be.

Face Swaps and Head Replacements

Want to create a meme? Or put your face into a classical painting? Or replace a face from one photo with the body of another photo? You'll learn all of these in this course.

Become a MASTER Jedi of Layers

Layers give Photoshop its power. With layers, you can create something truly magical and otherwise impossible to capture. Learn blending modes, layer styles, masks, clipping and all the features that makes layers so powerful! 

Learning to Control Artificial Intelligence

And by that I mean how to use the BRAND-NEW AI tools in Photoshop. In this course you'll learn the generative fill, generative expand and remove tools! (Along with the AI selection tools already in Photoshop.)

Magazine Quality Portrait Retouching

If you've heard of Frequency Separation and want to know more, this course has you covered. Learn the FIVE methods of skin smoothing in Photoshop, how to add makeup, clean up hair, eyelashes and more in this masterclass on portrait retouching.

Building Cinematic Landscapes

Whether you're interested in matte painting, storyboarding or digital art, in this course you'll learn the Photoshop tools you need to create GRAND scale from normal sized objects using the magic of atmosphere, brushes and color.

Having Some Fun in Photoshop?

Not everything you create in Photoshop has to be grand, magical and beautiful. It can also be silly, scary or fun. And in this course we'll do projects that teach you how to do just that.

Story-Driven Photo Compositing 

This course covers EVERY aspect of Photoshop you need to do MOST of the things you'll want to do in the program. But the thing we're BEST at is story-driven photo composites. And in this course, I teach you ALL the secrets I have.



Act Soon to Unlock Your Creative Potential with AI...

In addition to the wealth of knowledge in the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, we're excited to offer an extraordinary BONUS COURSE for quick movers: my new "Human Tourist Composite Course." This course is a treasure trove for those eager to merge AI innovation with traditional Photoshop artistry.

You'll explore the seamless integration of groundbreaking AI features with classic compositing techniques, creating awe-inspiring sci-fi composites. Dive deep into the world of Smart Selections, The Remove tool, Generative Fill, Generative Expand, and Adobe Firefly. These AI tools, combined with tried-and-true Photoshop methods, will revolutionize your creative process.

Embrace the future of Photoshop with us. This course not only covers the essentials of compositing, from selections and masks to blending modes, but it also immerses you in Photoshop's latest AI innovations. By joining this course, you'll step into an exciting realm where traditional meets futuristic, enhancing your workflow and elevating your art to new heights.

Bonus Learning #1: Smart Selections AI – The "Smart Selections AI" component of The Human Tourist course introduces a revolutionary way to make precise and efficient selections in Photoshop. This AI-driven tool simplifies the process of isolating and editing complex elements within an image. It's particularly useful in intricate compositing projects where accuracy is key. By integrating AI into the selection process, users can achieve a higher level of detail and realism in their compositions, making the workflow smoother and more creative.

Bonus Learning #2: Generative Fill AI – The Human Tourist Course covers Photoshop’s new and amazing Generative Fill tool. We focus on the advanced capabilities of AI in Photoshop. This AI tool is designed for smart, context-sensitive filling, which is extremely useful for tasks like removing objects, repairing images, or creatively altering compositions. It takes into consideration the surrounding elements of the image to produce results that are coherent with the overall context, thereby enhancing your efficiency to create better, more impactful art.

Bonus Learning #3: Adobe Firefly AI – Together, we delve into the fascinating world of Adobe's AI text-to-image generator, Firefly. This tool represents a significant leap in digital artistry, allowing you to generate unique images based on text prompts and style settings. The course provides a comprehensive tutorial on harnessing Firefly's capabilities, guiding learners through its various controls and features. You’ll learn how to use Firefly to expand your artistic horizons, showcasing how this tool can be a game-changer in creating innovative, captivating digital art. Firefly – and our Human Tourist course – is amazing if you’re looking to explore the frontiers of AI-assisted creativity, offering a blend of technical know-how and artistic exploration.

Bonus Learning #4: Learning the AI Workflow to Supercharge Your Human Creativity! – You’ll discover the synergy between human creativity and AI tools in this amazing course. Get ahead of the curve, and learn the skills you need to integrate AI into your creative processes, supercharging your ability to create stunning artistic compositions.

You’ll learn how AI doesn’t have to be a threat, but can be leveraged to augment your own artistic capabilities, leading to better, more striking compositions, opening up new avenues for artistic expression and innovation.

Our goal is clear: to equip you with every tool and resource you need to excel in creating breathtaking art 

The Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, enriched with the AI-focused "Human Tourist Composite Course," is crafted to unleash your artistic prowess.

The materials, videos, and AI integrations in this course are meticulously designed to elevate your work, awakening a level of artistry that might have been untapped until now. 

As you progress, the creations you produce will surpass your wildest expectations, and amaze your friends and family.

For professionals, this course promises to enhance your portfolio, potentially leading to increased sales and higher pricing for your work. Aspiring professionals will find this course a crucial step towards mastery. 

Regardless of your current skill level, by the completion of this course, your artwork will blow people away.


What's Does an Art Education Cost? And What’s Your Artistic Transformative Really Worth?

How much is your creative happiness worth, really? Think about what you may have spent for a typical college courses, many of which don't offer nearly as much as this course – at least a couple thousand dollars. An in-person  comprehensive workshop with this level of content would cost several thousand dollars. It’s my biggest project yet … so you would think that The Nucly Photoshop Masterclass – and 17 Modules, 78 Lessons, and SEVENTEEN PLUS HOURS of CONTENT – PLUS the innovative AI training "Human Tourist Composite Course," – another 12 lesson and 2.5 hours of content – would cost upwards of $600. 

But I know you’re ready to create something amazing, and I know you’ve already read this far. So I’m offering this entire package is offered at just $199. It's likely you've spent more on photography gear that you’ve probably never used. The difference? Unlike a piece of seldom-used equipment, this course will continuously fuel and transform your creative journey.

Think about the return on investment here. The skills and techniques you'll learn could enable you to sell your art, potentially recouping the cost with just a few sales. We're talking about a course that can pave the way to real financial gains from your art … or for many of us, the joy of seeing people appreciate our creativity, and for me, for example, the joy of expressing myself in art.


I truly believe that I’m offering more than  just a course; it's lifetime access to a world of knowledge and creativity.

Over 200,000 students globally, viewing our tutorials millions of times, have experienced the joy of creativity. It starts here. The Nucly Phnotoshop Masterclass is an ongoing resource, available anytime for inspiration or refining your skills.

So here's the opportunity: For less than an overnight trip (or these days, a fancy dinner), you’ll get access to a comprehensive Photoshop course filled with professional techniques and artistic insights. And it's not just about watching videos; it's about immersing yourself in an artistic journey, with the freedom to revisit lessons as needed.

This isn't just another expense; it's an investment in your creative future. Today’s university students probably spend more on a useless textbook. This is your chance to access unique, high-quality Photoshop training and to start creating professional-level art immediately.

Oh … and have I told you yet? There's no risk involved.


$99 $278.99


100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We understand that you can spend your money with one of many instructors and appreciate that you've chosen Nucly in your Photoshop journey. To make your buying decision easier, we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee—no questions asked. If you aren't happy with your product and our support team can't resolve it, you will get a full refund.

It's time to transform your creative life with the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass and the bonus AI course. Join now and take your artistry to levels you never thought possible.

Are you ready to create something amazing?

$99 $278.99

Create Magic with the Art of Retouching, Manipulation and Compositing in Photoshop











Get my entire set of Photoshop Brushes for only $29.99 (usually $179.91)

I've been creating useful Photoshop brushes for 10 years for every possible compositing scenario. Whether you need atmosphere, clouds, a moon, dust, water splashes, flares, light rays or more, my Signature Brush set has it! And when you purchase them as part of this bundle, you can save $150! 


Embark on Your Artistic Journey Now

Turn Your Vision into Art … Starting Now

You didn’t get this far because this isn’t interesting. You got this far because, like me, you’re an artist with a story to tell, a vision to share, or artwork you need to get out.

Unfortunately for me, there was no course like this when I was getting started. I had to learn the hard way, and it took me literally decades to learn the things I teach you in these 17 Modules. But this is what I longed for, someone to guide me to my own greatness. 

I needed someone to start with the basics and gradually build up my skills in a structured manner. I wish someone had taught me Photoshop just like cooking … beginning with simple tools and techniques to achieve quick and easy victories, and then move on to more advanced tools at a manageable pace. 

Well … although this course is vast, but it's divided into small, enjoyable "recipes" instead of a dry tutorial that just tells you which buttons to push. By creating these recipes together, you'll learn how to use the various tools and filters in a way that allows you to mix and match, ultimately bringing to life any idea that you can imagine. I wish that’s what I’d had available … but that’s why I’m making it available to you.


The skills, the artistry, the prospect of creating and perhaps selling my own professional-grade art – this course embodies all of that.

Don't let this moment slip by. It's time to unleash the remarkable artist within you.

This course is your gateway to unlocking that potential, transforming your creative ideas into reality.

It’s super easy to enroll now, and gain almost immediate access to begin your journey into the world of advanced photo-art compositions today – with the added bonus of exploring AI in art through the "Human Tourist Composite Course."

The Nucly Photoshop Masterclass is unparalleled in its scope and depth … and yet, it’s step-by-step, something anyone can do.

Seize the moment and embark on an exhilarating journey that will revolutionize your perspective on art. This is more than just learning; it's about redefining your creative process. It’s about inspiring you to produce the most outstanding images of your career! Click below to begin this transformative experience and elevate your artistry to new heights.

Unlock My Inner Artist, Please!

Grab this internationally acclaimed photo-artistry course and all its bonuses for $199 if you sign up today!
Join over 200,000 students from dozens of countries around the world who have already upped their game as an artist with Nucly.  Once you enroll in the Nucly Photoshop Masterclass, you gain lifetime access, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit the lessons anytime. This is your moment to redefine yourself as an artist.
Don’t miss the chance to reveal your inner artist (or supercharge them) — starting now.  I’m ready … are you? Let's get started!
PS: Click below to start your journey. And remember, there's no risk involved. If the course doesn't meet your expectations, you have a full 30 days for a complete refund. This course has the potential to transform your artistic life and could even lead to earning from your photo art. If you're not fully satisfied, we'll refund you in full. What have you got to lose?

$99 $278.99


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