Wood Textures


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50 high resolution, color wood textures for use in compositing, graphic design, and photo editing.

Adding texture and creating detail masks in Photoshop has never been so easy. Each image has been meticulously edited to work as a powerful editing tool in any situation.


Elevate your photography and composites!

These tools are for you if…

You want to start making composites but there’s too much info out there.

You want to create more depth in your images—whether to emphasize your subject and direct the attention of your audience.

You’ve done composites, but they are missing that “magic” element which holds it all together and makes it feel like the various elements belong.

Imagine you could…

Add interest and drama to a boring image and turn it into a work of art. Quickly change an uninteresting background into something with character. Create beautiful, textured, and interesting edits easily.

Hear what users have to say…

“I love working with these. Whether it’s a light touch on the background or an aggressive grunge feel, I ALWAYS have the right tool for the job!”

“I use these in my composites all the time. Such an easy way to create drama without ruining the overall look!”

“With so many options and different looks, I’ve been using these tools constantly in my Photoshop workflow. Don’t think twice!”




Instantly add the rustic feel of wood to your images and bring a dull photo to life.

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