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Learn three Photoshop secrets that will transform your workflow, your art, and your ability to create masterpieces!

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"So many Photoshop users aren’t using all the tools available to them. I created this course to teach my workflow, my Photoshop hacks, and to show you how easy it can be to create an amazing body of work"

Rikard Rodin

You will learn…

How to manipulate composites easily.

How to implement effective techniques.

How to master Photoshop in weeks not years.

Simple tricks that will transform your workflow.

How to stay ahead of your competition.

How to create art that empowers you.

Develop your workflow and create powerful art that excites you.

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Getting Started with Photoshop

8 Lessons | 1H 2M | 40+ PHOTOSHOP ASSETS


Retouch your portraits, replace backdrops and skies—or unlock your imagination with composites & more.

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