Why does this photo have so much depth?

A couple clicks is all it took!

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These brushes & overlays are easy to use, versatile and high-resolution.

If you are a photographer looking to add some magic to a portrait or a digital artist trying to create stunning composites these tools will improve your work and get you on your way to creating masterpieces.

Whether you are trying to improve light, add the mood of smoke, gently introduce dust particles or transport your subject underwater, my Atmosphere brushes & overlays make it possible.


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Photoshop Brushes Atmosphere Series


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What's Included?

Atmosphere Photoshop Brushes

Smoke & Fog

35 high-resolution and diverse smoke and fog images

$79 included

Whether you are adding smoke to a cigarette or filling a horror scene with dense fog, this pack has what you need to add texture and detail to your images. These incredibly versatile tools can be used lightly, to create a specific mood or applied drastically to transport your subjects.


35 high-resolution overlays and brushes

$79 included

Whether you are trying to very gently add interest to a light source or totally transport your subject these versatile and high-resolution brushes will speed up your goal of producing amazing images.


36 high-resolution overlays and brushes

$79 included

A boring image can be improved by adding texture or atmosphere in the background or foreground. With these brushes & overlays, it’s now easy to add the mood of raindrops or splashes. You can simply blend them into any image.

Make any image look professional & dramatic in just a few clicks!

This bundle is for you if…

You don’t know how to save a boring image.

You’ve struggled to capture your subjects as well as smoke or dust.

You wish your images were more interesting or moody.

Imagine you could…

  • Add intrigue and impact to any image.
  • Bring a dull photo to life by injecting the impactful mood of dust or smoke.
  • Transport your subjects to interesting and dramatic locations.

Hear What Photoshop Users Have to Say…

"I’ve been using these on my composites and normal photos and they are super high-resolution and amazingly useful."
- O.S.

“It’s so easy. One-two click, boom. My boring photo looks cool. It’s also changed how I shoot a bit - I’m more creative with light now. Thanks so much!”
- D.D.

“I’ve always loved the look of light hitting dust but its really hard to capture well. These make it so easy to add this character that my photos have been missing.”
- T.K.

"I created these tools so that anyone can confidently add atmosphere and drama to their images."

Rikard Rodin


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Photoshop Brushes Atmosphere Series


Add texture, drama, and interest to any image with these high-resolution tools.

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