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The Ultimate Photoshop Training Bundle

Master Photoshop Tools & Workflows. Learn the tools and workflows with this complete photoshop training for photographers and retouchers!



Photoshop Color Grading Masterclass

40 Lessons | 6h 3m

$147 included

Take control of color in your images! The full workflow for color grading in photoshop covering EVERY color adjustment tool and HOW to use them.

Photoshop Basics for Photographers

26 Lessons | 6h 55m

$147 included

Learn the essential tools used for 90% of all photography projects. The fastest photoshop training for Photographers!

Getting Started with Photoshop

8 Lessons | 1h 2m | 40+ Photoshop Assets

$27 included

Retouch your portraits, replace backdrops and skies—or unlock your imagination with composites & more.

Composite Courses

Dragon Tamer

8 Lessons | 1h 46m

$47 included

Learn volumetric light, 3D render integration, frequency separation, color grading. How to add atmosphere, texture, and detail to your images. And much more.

Fairy Specimen

10 Lessons | 2h 10m

$47 included

Learn glass refraction, frequency separation, object transformation, gradient maps, and more. 

Flight of Icarus

9 Lessons | 1h 35m

$47 included

Learn puppet warp, transform, selection methods, light flares, lighting, color grading, and more.

Forest Levitation

7 Lessons | 1h 16m

$47 included

Learn vector-based selection, image rebuilding, reflections, shadows, light effects, and more.

Girl on a Swing

9 Lessons | 1h 13m

$47 included

Learn color-range selection, advanced cloning, transforms, color grading, adding detail, and more.

Lady and the Fox

7 Lessons | 1h 37m

$47 included

Learn advanced selections, model retouching, image color mapping, noise gradients, and more.

Maternal Monkey

9 Lessons | 1h 13m

$47 included

Learn advanced selections, custom brushes, realistic shadows, film grain, color grading, and more.

Sea of Time

14 Lessons | 2h 4m

$47 included

Learn five selection methods, quick masks, color adjustment tools, depth of field, and more.

Snow White

10 Lessons | 1h 34m

$47 included

Learn coloring with RGB curves, RGB color theory, path-based selections, creating realistic reflections, changing a season, creating snow, and much more.

The Great Abyss

9 Lessons | 1h 21m

$47 included

Learn polar coordinates, seamless tiling, atmospheric fog, color grading, and more.

The Protector

8 Lessons | 1h 30m

$47 included

Learn advanced selection methods, reflections, adding texture, color integration, and more.

Watercolor Painting

10 Lessons | 2h 5m

$47 included

Learn tips, tricks and techniques that you can use for any composite or painting effect. The course also includes 140 custom brushes for watercolor effects.

Bonus #1

Photoshop Brushes & Tools

Bokeh & Light Leaks

50 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

50 optically captured, high resolution bokeh and light leaks for creatives.

Clouds & Skies

50 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

50 custom designed cloud brushes and 78 cloud and sky overlays for creative projects.

Gradient Maps

50 Photoshop Presets

$27 included

50 gradient map presets, optimized for color grading and duotones.

Lens Flares

50 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

50 custom designed, high resolution, colored lens flare overlays for all your creative projects.

Light Rays

50 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

50 high resolution light ray overlays and photoshop brushes.

Practical Lights

60 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

60 high resolution, diverse, full color practical light overlays.

Urban Backdrops

45 Backdrops

$79 included

A set of 45 high resolution photographs designed for use as backdrops in portraits.

Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

140 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

140 custom brushes for watercolor painting. Washes, splatters, drips, and speckles.

From Idea to Execution

What People Are Saying…

“I've been using Photoshop since the mid 90s (version 3 - 7), but have learned more from your instructional videos in the past two months than I had learned using Photoshop the past 20 years! It's a whole new ball game.”



Rikard Rodin Complete Pack


Learn the tools and workflows with this complete photoshop training for photographers and retouchers!

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