The Protector Photo Composite


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Learn the tools in Photoshop to bring your vision to life.

And the skills required for professional photoshop retouching and compositing! Learn photoshop basics and shortcuts, masking with paths, and advanced selection with channels. 

Learn about multiple image integration, layer blending, how to add realistic shadows and reflections, apply color correction and grading, add post-production effects, and so much more!


From Idea to Execution!



Masking Techniques - Part I

Using the quick selection tool to create complicated cutouts.


Masking Techniques - Part II

Here you learn how to use channel information to create masks for fine details, such has fur and hair.


Layered Compositing

In this lesson we start our actual compositing and through the use of masks, we layer the composite so that the two elements (girl and leopard) look well integrated.


Background Replacement

Use two different images to create an entirely new background—and then integrate these using gradients, horizon lines and mist.


Adding the Details

In this lesson we add cracks to the foreground and clean up color cast on the original image in preparation for doing the color grading.


Realistic Reflections

Here we add reflections to the ground using transforms and smart objects—and then make those reflections realistic through blending modes, blur filters and the displace tool.


The Protector


Learn advanced selection methods, reflections, adding texture, color integration and more.

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