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Photoshop Tools & Add-onsComplete Pack



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It’s here! 20 years of Photoshop experience packaged into one HUGE bundle!

Over 2500 tools including brushes, overlays, textures, elements, backgrounds, and Photoshop power tools to allow your imagination to lead the way. Broken down into easy-to-navigate packs for all of your editing desires!!

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Foreground Elements

Photoshop Brushes




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Photoshop Power Tools

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Nucly Facebook Academy

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Community is a massive part of the photographic journey and here you can be part of a group of other students focused on the same skills as you all learning and working to advance together.

You’ll be able to share your work, share inspiration images, and get your questions answered quickly.

You’ll be able to share your progress, get your questions answered, but most importantly be a part of a community!

This bundle includes everything you’ll ever need in YOUR toolbox.

This bundle is for you if…

Photoshop is limiting your creativity. 

Your workflow is sluggish and lacking professional results.

You are struggling to optimize your workflow. 

Imagine you could…

  • Seamlessly use tools and presets, creating magic in seconds!
  • Save countless hours on designing, editing, and compositing.
  • Effortlessly manipulate your images with the right tool for the project.

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“Blown-away by the magnitude of these tools! Rikard is an incredible teacher and I was stoked to find out he’s sharing his tools! Hard to resist at that price! Thank you!

“What an absolute steal! I’m amazed by how many assets are included in the bundle. Rikard tools’ make it easier and easier to design and edit images. I’ve never worked so fast!

“Having these resources keeps me motivated project after project, it saves me hours of editing and designing. I love discovering the many possibilities each tool offers!

"Personalized Tools are the secret ingredient to effortless compositing. I am thrilled to share my secrets with you. As a designer, these are the tools I use over and over again. This library of assets will save you countless hours of editing and dramatically change your images into masterpieces. Excited to see your creations!"

Rikard Rodin


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Photoshop Tools & Add-ons Complete Pack


20 years of Photoshop experience packaged into one HUGE bundle! Over 2,500 tools to inspire creativity and innovation!

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Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Photoshop (5.5 and above). Brushes are high-resolution (3000px minimum, majority of brushes are 5000px).