Grunge Textures


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50 high-resolution texture overlays that quickly add depth and character to any image.

Photographed around Los Angeles, these images of aged paint, rusted metal, ruptured concrete and scratched wood will help you roughen up or distress your designs in no time.

Play around with blending modes or add them as an overlay and away you go!


Powerful editing tools for any situation!

These tools are for you if…

You wish you could change the background in an image but don’t have the right tools.

You’ve seen images with interesting texture and don’t know how to get the same results.

You’ve struggled to add depth to an otherwise boring photo and failed.

Imagine you could…

Add interest and drama to a boring image and turn it into a work of art. Quickly change an uninteresting background into something with character. Create beautiful, textured, and interesting edits easily.

Hear what users have to say…

“Adding any of these into a boring background is the fastest way for me to create images I love. So happy I got these!”

“My composites seem to always lack some kind of depth and these have been the tool I’ve been looking for to fix them!!”

“Ooooooft, these have really helped me produce edits that I love. I couldn’t get things to look dramatic and cool. Problem solved!”




Add a gritty, industrial, or vintage appeal to your edits with these 50 high-resolution texture overlays.

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