What do all great composites have in common?

I’ve been working on this for YEARS.

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Hundreds of high-resolution tools and ten full projects!

This bundle contains everything you need to start creating epic atmospheric composites - over four hours of in-depth project-based tutorials and more than four hundred compositing tools.

In this course, we will do ten projects that will take you through all of the basics of creating, coloring, and manipulating atmosphere in Photoshop. In addition to the basics of brushing and blending overlays, you will also learn many other Photoshop skills; selections, blurring, color grading, sharpening, and much more.


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Creating Atmosphere In Photoshop


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What's Included?

Atmosphere makes an image. Create full, atmospheric, and dramatic composites of your own in no time.

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Creating Atmosphere In Photoshop Masterclass

10 Lessons | 4h 23m | +600 Bonus Tools

$147 included

By following along with the ten projects included in this course, your ability to create masterpieces with atmosphere and drama will hit heights previously unachievable.

Light Rays

58 Light & Atmosphere Overlays

$79 included

58 high-quality photographs of volumetric light rays from stage lights. Completely customizable, you’ll be able to cast light on your subjects from any direction.

Stage Lights

67 Light & Atmosphere Overlays

$79 included

67 high-quality photographs of two different stage lights at various angles, with and without light cones, for use in your photos or composites.

Textured Light

61 Light & Atmosphere Overlays

$79 included

61 high-quality photographs of light, shot through wispy and cloudy atmosphere. Use these to add texture and atmosphere to your image.


71 Light & Atmosphere Overlays

$79 included

71 high-quality photographs of textured light, shot through wispy and cloudy smoke. Use them as textures, backgrounds, or overlays to add atmosphere with ease.

God Rays

63 Light & Atmosphere Overlays

$79 included

63 high-quality photographs of large light beams coming from above (often referred to as God Rays). All images are neutral, allowing you the versatility to change the color or contrast of the image.


63 Light & Atmosphere Overlays

$79 included

63 high-quality photographs of a variety of light rays, smoke and atmosphere. Use these to create dramatic texture, impact, and atmosphere in your images.

Bonus Content!

Atmosphere Photoshop Brushes

Smoke & Fog

35 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Whether you are adding smoke to a cigarette or filling a horror scene with dense fog, this pack has what you need to add texture and detail to your images. These incredibly versatile tools can be used lightly, to create a specific mood or applied drastically to transport your subjects.


35 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Whether you are trying to very gently add interest to a light source or totally transport your subject these versatile and high-resolution brushes will speed up your goal of producing amazing images.


36 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

A boring image can be improved by adding texture or atmosphere in the background or foreground. With these brushes & overlays, it’s now easy to add the mood of raindrops or splashes. You can simply blend them into any image.

Everything you need to start creating epic atmospheric composites!

This bundle is for you if…

You want to start making composites but there’s too much info out there.

You want to create more depth in your images—whether to emphasize your subject and direct the attention of your audience.

You’ve done composites, but they are missing that “magic” element which holds it all together and makes it feel like the various elements belong.

Imagine you could…

Take any elements and make them feel that they “belong” in your composites. Take full control of the light and atmosphere in your images and create the cinematic look that is both timeless and always relevant.

Hear What Digital Artists Have to Say…

“100% worth it ...I tried skillshare, Udemy, and follow every top Photoshop YouTuber and didn't learn half as much as I did here.”
- David H.

“You will not regret it. I have tried others and they are not a patch on Rikard’s tutorials. His knowledge is unmatched. Best money I have spent.”
- Gus R.

“I am a dummy in photoshop but even I find his courses and workflow easier to understand”
- Ayesha B.

“I run my own design business and am taking a degree in design and development and I still learned a ton from watching these videos.”
- Jimmy A.

“Best. Courses. EVER! Worth every penny and more. The things you learn, well, they elevate everything to the Nth degree. Now I look at other book covers and can spot where the composition is off and know a couple of ways on how to fix it. Every (cover) artist should absolutely take the courses.&rdquo
- Caralyn Y.

“I’ve been doing my own version of compositing for a while, even before I knew it was a thing. But to have the tools and the training makes it so much better in quality, realism, and enjoyment.”
- Toni T.

"Atmosphere is the glue that holds together the elements of a composite. With it, you can focus attention, separate subjects from a background, add drama and mood to your images. The ability to create and control atmosphere in your image will take your images to the next level. And I’m going to show you how to do exactly that."

Rikard Rodin


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Creating Atmosphere In Photoshop

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Atmosphere makes an image. With hundreds of high-resolution tools and ten full projects included, you will be able to create full, atmospheric, and dramatic composites of your own in no time.

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