Fairy Specimen Photo Composite


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Learn the tools in Photoshop to bring your vision to life.

And the skills required for professional photoshop retouching and compositing! Learn photoshop basics and shortcuts, masking with paths, and advanced selection with channels. 

Learn about multiple image integration, layer blending, how to add realistic shadows and reflections, apply color correction and grading, add post-production effects, and so much more!


From Idea to Execution!



Photoshop 101

Learn the most used shortcuts in Photoshop—and the shortcuts that will drastically speed up your photoshop compositing.


The Background

Learn how to remove objects in photoshop and recreate backgrounds from existing elements.


Adding a Candle

Selections with paths, free transform, warp and more—here we add the foreground candle into the scene.


Frequency Separation

The most effective—and fast—method for skin retouching covered from top to bottom.


Fairy into the Jar

Here you’ll learn how to cut someone out of a background, including hair, for realistic compositing.


Giving Her Wings

Learn how to use the color range selection tool and how to transform, add shadows and manipulate the wings into the scene.


Into the Glass

How to use the displace tool to create realistic glass distortion—and how to use blending modes to add reflections on top of an image.


Flame & Smoke

Go further with blending modes and masking to realistically add flame and smoke into the composite.



How to add scratches, grunge and dust to an image to create more realistic final composite.


Color Grading

How to use a single gradient map adjustment layer to color grade an image and how to use Camera Raw to give the whole composite a kick.

Photo-Composite Series

Fairy Specimen


Learn advanced selection methods, reflections, adding texture, color integration and more.

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